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The Science Park – powered by Alberta IoT – is here to connect technological visionaries with the talent and resources they need to drive the world forward.

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Whether you’re a Solution Seeker looking for access to specific technology, talent, or resources, or a Solution Provider keen to offer your expertise, facilities, or equipment, signing up for Science Park offers an opportunity to connect with a community you never knew you had.

Members of Alberta IoT will be given FREE exclusive access to Science Park prior to public launch. If you are a member of Alberta IoT, stay tuned for your personalized login.

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What is Science Park?

Science Parks are not a new idea. Many exist across the world already, bridging gaps in the science and tech communities and helping companies and individuals achieve new levels of success and discovery. Science Park, powered by Alberta IoT, is a connector that pairs people and companies looking for specific technological assets or talent with the people who can provide it, or vice versa. If you’re a company looking to innovate but are missing a particular skill set or access to specialized equipment and facilities, Science Park will find you that perfect match. Similarly, if you or your organization have specialized expertise, equipment, or facilities, Science Park will put you in touch with the people who need them. This standardizes matchmaking and collaboration, improves efficiency, and – most importantly – sparks ingenuity and creativity through fresh connections. Science Park is nearly here – it’s time to get excited.

Solution Seekers

Visionaries. Pioneers. Anyone seeking innovation in some form but who currently lacks the raw tools or expertise to achieve their next great idea. Solutions Seekers join Science Park to be put in touch with the people, companies, or equipment they need to empower them to keep on making the future a reality. Solution Seekers may be individuals, start-up businesses, or established companies or educational institutions that employ hundreds. One thing unites them all – ambition.

Solution Providers

Experts. Specialists. Those who can expand the combined innovative capability of Alberta, whether through direct application of knowledge and skills or the ability to provide access to equipment, technology, or lab space. Solution Providers join Science Park to solve problems. Together, Solution Providers and Solution Seekers collaborate to solve anything from the most minute, hyper-focused of problems to wide-reaching challenges of global significance.

How It Works

Using Science Park is easy: a Solution Seeker enters a list of wants into Science Park, then AI-powered algorithms will scour the database of potential candidates to objectively identify the most suitable individuals or organizations. By joining Science Park, you enter your information into this database, growing the available knowledge base in Alberta and beyond.

Science Park Needs YOU

Of course, none of this happens without industry and post secondary coming together. We need YOUR expertise and YOUR facilities to make this a success. Sign up for our launch day countdown newsletter today, and you’ll be first in line to be informed when Science Park goes live.

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